Monday, 4 April 2016

17 March

our task was to go help Tuula, who has a reindeer farm a few kilometers from here, at the shore of this lake here
she accepts tourist
but she got a little sick and no tourists came
but we still went to visit her, of course by skis
it was incredibly windy again, we had to go against it
it was like an arctic expedition: nothing, but the bright white endless ice, wind, suffering
wind that literally kills
then we found Tuula's place with gps
she is like someone from fairy tales
living in a beautiful wooden house, surrounded by reindeers
we spent a few pleasant hours at her place drinking tee and talking
to go back we took an other route, we were going through the land
the top of the snow was quite hard, it was possible to ski on it, but with bad luck it was easy to fall into the knee-deep snow
it took at least 5 minutes to stand up again 
after falling 3 times i decided to go on the lake instead, so I went alone to the lake:
sunset, alone in a vast white field, skiing on virgin snow, no snowmobile track, nothing, following my instincts
later sauna of course

there is an electronic music festival in inari these days
last night we went to "snow theater" event
they were projecting colorful psychedelic shapes, they played some ambient-ish music
well, I am not a fan of than style, but that was amazing
there were fires, lanterns, cool decoration
and of course, weak northern lights from time to time
the party continued later in a bar, where i didnt want to go, so hitchhiked back to Vasatokka alone (in NL)
a guy picked me up, he turned off the headlights to see easier the NL
he was a guest here in Vasatokka, staying right next to my apartment

it was -10

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