Tuesday, 12 April 2016

vasatokka is still empty
i had around 40 minutes of work to do today
in the afternoon some sunshine came
Lukas is leaving on thursday
Sari took us to ivalo get some fruits and vegetables
she took us to her house in ivalo, her husband sold me some decent red wine
on the way back we were picked up by Veli-Matti, Marja's husband and we had a direct lift to vasatokka
Konsta, a previous evs volunteer in vasatokka from portugal is here now
we went out to the roof to check the sunset, but was very windy and became cloudy, so after 10 minutes we came back


i have just turned on the sauna
it is 23:30 and no complete darkness

i tried to take some pictures about this lappish decoration of sauna breaks
difficult to describe the atmosphere with words, very quiet

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