Monday, 4 April 2016

2 april

Hitchiking back from the airport was super easy, the first car took me to Ivalo, then I had to wait maybe 6 more minutes to get picked up by incredibly drunken Finnish people (what a language lesson!) They were going to the reindeer race held on lake Inari.
I wanted to check that out anyway. The amount of light was unbearable there; blazing sunshine and snow and ice… It was plus 9. Reindeers were pulling men on skis, funny.

It was easy again to get a lift to Vasatokka, where after some relax we went out for checking NL. The most killer show came so far. With Lukas we made a fire on the small lake, and were staring at sky for hours, until we ran out of firewood and started to freeze. Temperature went down to -10 by then.
The sky was literally on fire, glowing, fast changing, bright, and colorful… Entirely clear sky, in the middle of the small lake, silhouettes of pine trees all around on the horizon... memorable.

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