Monday, 4 April 2016

16 March

there is nothing, very little work to do
I would have a lot of time to learn finnish
but we do silly things with lukas

on the weekend there is volleyball tournament here
i made the timetables
and in the afternoon there was volleyball training for children and I was helping there
still suffering with my knees

i wrote to people through couchsurfing in inari and ivalo to meet up, but no replies

temperature went down today
yes, here is nothing to talk about but weather

the book i took last time from the library is shitty  (james bond)
good for training english but still it is difficult pick it up

i was alone in sauna , no crazy german, naked, fairly enjoying the moment
then i had shower and went out to check if there were northerns (at least 5th time tonight) and there were! not that mindblowing like yesterday but still quite heavy duty! alone, peace, silence, shiny moon, starry sky.…

and now listening to creedence and drinking tea.... nerves smoothed

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