Monday, 4 April 2016

15 March

40 centimeters of snow melted today
so fast
water was flowing all day from the roofs
and it was extremely windy
late afternoon we went walking to the lake
walked 2-3 hours on ice
in beautiful sunset
wind at least 80 km/h
i could lean against it, it even blowed me away a few times
then arrived to some houses (not on the lake) where 10 identical white puppies came
they barked at us continuously but they were very scared
but they did their job well because we turned back
we crossed the lake again, walked home, and had dinner. later we went out for aurora hunting and were laying in the snow and staring at the sky for 30 minutes being unable to say anything except for woooaaah-look-fcuk!
wind was still crazy
then the show was over, we were turned to fleshy ice-cubes and came back
my official task was to build birdhouses

linnunpönttö they say

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