Monday, 4 April 2016

3 april

In the afternoon we went to Inari to see the reindeer finals. This time my camera worked.

 Later we got supplies from the store, and went enjoying sunshine in front of Siida (Saami museum in Inari). There we met skiers who had been camping-skiing around Inari lake for 5 weeks, nice people they were.

Tomorrow we are supposed to make some plans for children, I don't really know what.

We were staring at a long beautiful sunset. Just like almost every day. Next time I should take the camera.

They predicted decent NLs for tonight as well, around 11:30 pm they started to show up and we went to the lakeside equipped with everything to enjoy a long movie. But ugly clouds came.

We could hear constant grumbling from the ice, if it happens right under me it is pretty scary.

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