Monday, 4 April 2016

12 March

tonight there are extremely strong northern lights, but its cloudy
they are so strong, that they are visible through the clouds

Lukas is a bear grylls-like super tough guy
he is cool but boring
speaks awful english with terrible german accent
good company to go skiing and such
he is volunteering on his own budget
he hopes to learn something about dealing with children

there is super cute turkish guy now with his mom
they both tried cross country skiing yesterday
the mom fell every other minute
i was trying to help her, but no english

today we went fishing with Marja
she is an old lady, working here
she lives 6-8kms from here in the middle of forest
the house used to be their summer cottage
i was allowed to drive snow mobile
we caught fish (pike) and ate that immediately


Herr Lukas, the german guy poured a whole bucket of water onto the stones
we got distilled
and nobody was there from the group in the sauna
silence and peace was there

Lukas hitchhiked to ivalo one day
he met other germans and he was offered a helicopter ride to germany

i need to learn finnish

sky is clear again, no strong northerns, but still very beautiful

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