Thursday, 30 June 2016

back to the roots: i had an intense sauna session just now
it was a beautiful sunny day, with mild wind
by now i can perform true swimming in the lake, not just dipping into the water for one minute
with a marvelous scenery

these pictures were taken a few minutes before midnight

sauna bulding

Monday, 27 June 2016

vasatokka, half past nine

23-27 june

24-25th june is juhannusaatto and juhannuspäivä
midsummer night and day
important holiday for finnish
there are two major activities they do usually

they go their remote cottage and enjoy nature/sauna/food/family/silence

or drink

in both cases a huge bonfire is essential

i went to rovaniemi (the capital of lapland where santa claus lives, 300 kms to south from vasatokka) where i couchsurfed with an iraqui guy
interesting experience, he was very kind and hospitable, however fairly busy with ramadan

10 minutes walk from citycenter

on friday night it rained ruefully

i fell in love with the bike ali lent me

i wanted to hitchhike back on sunday
in 4.5 hours i get ahead 40 kms, bugs chopped me
the season of the beast called black fly is starting, they are much more deadly than innocent mosquitos. they look like small black flies and bite small bits off the skin. can easily go under clothing
i turned back to rovaniemi
this is the second time i swear i never hitchike again in lapland on sunday

a clumsy footage from saturday

22 june

virkistyspäivä, "refreshment day"
a day off for the staff
we went to check out a car and tyre test center in ivalo
they test for winter conditions, there was snowy indoor track with snow and -8
lunch, mountain-biking, bowling

rain can come anytime

midnight sun from PaPaNa bar, Inari
the second centralmost point of the universe (the first is vasatokka)

Monday, 20 June 2016


while taking this picure i could force myself to smile

here not

sweet home

a sami concert poster 

cycling back from the shop again: the lappish clouds are always special

Saturday, 18 June 2016

in the morning marja called me: the weather is very nice but there are a killer amount of mosquitos here (she lives 8 kms from vasatokka at the riverside)
so she asked me if i could come with her to kiilopää, urho kekkonen national park in hope of less mosquitos and to find some geocaches
so we did


from kaunispää tunturi

i live a life determined by mosquitos
i should place some geocaches to the forest, i tried to do the job a few times but i changed my mind quickly
i am waiting for a windy day

this week nothing happened in vasatokka
i met some nice people among the few guests

i had another finnish lesson one day and i learnt:
jessari = jeesustieppi = jesus-tape = duct-tape, because it fixes everything

lappish news: santa claus's letter service is sold

on the way back from the k-market: rain can come at any time


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

yesterday i met a school-girl from inari who is willing to teach me finnish
the fist lesson was:
Olen asianajaja-Janne. Ja asianajajananne ajan asianne asianajaja-Jannenanne.
isn't is cute?


Sunday, 12 June 2016

silent day
perfect sunshine in the morning
i was reading all afernoon

some photos at night

Saturday, 11 June 2016

wind has stopped, temperature is rising
at night i went up to otsamo