Tuesday, 31 May 2016

today i made a poster for an event in vasatokka
by gimp
unexpected things i learn

yesterday night i just walked and biked around vasatokka, enjoying the lappish forests
later with colin, an american guy

lapland is magic in summer as well
some mosquitos have woken up

Monday, 30 May 2016

nowadays we have a group of american college students
from state university new york
nice people
yesterday we went for a walk to inari wilderness church
the silence is not as deep as in winter but still very quiet (behind the group)

11 pm

Saturday, 28 May 2016

summer set on in vasatokka
16-19 degrees
shorts, sandals in case of sunshine
yesterday was entirely clear
late afternoon i took a rowboat and cruised around muddusjärvi for hours
that lake is big
alone in a small dinghy in the middle of blue
where i was skiing a month ago

they said we have 1-2 peaceful weeks before the invasion of mosquitoes
summer lapland is also catching
i found a finnish teacher in ivalo

two days ago,  half past midnight

sauna building, last midnight

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

i spent a week in helsinki
a different country
i was shocked by the number of people, by the amount noise, colors and smells
summer is there
i came home yesterday
trees turned green
no more wonderful sunsets (no more sunsets at all)

about the lappish summer there is common phrase: it is short and less snowy
this year spring and summer came one month earlier than the normal

lapland from air
southern finland from air

early shock in helsinki

 this place is 30 minutes walk from the last metro station

public of rocky horror picture show sing along night

the university library

 the central library

 linnanmäki amusemant park


saturday night

back at vasatokka, 11 pm