Monday, 9 May 2016

last weekend was 4 days long, with continuous beautiful sunshine
so i hitchhiked to western lapland to visit some couchsurfer hosts
near muonio i was hosted by transyilvanian girls, born and raised in germany
they spoke hungarian with german intonation and transylvanian vocabulary, very cute
true hitchiker-volunteer-adventurehunter sisters, guarding 7 huskies in a beautiful house in the forest
that region is 1-200 meters higher above sea level than inari, still much more snow
in kittilä i stayed with an idyllic family with 3 children, aged 1.5, 6 and 7, i went mountain-biking to the endless taiga
excellent times and language training
the way back from kittilä was tragic, it was mothers day, i could progress 10 kilometers in 3,5 hours
finally, late night a granny drove 160 extra kilometers into the sunset (on the northern horizon) to take me home

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