Sunday, 15 May 2016

the last days in vasatokka were surprisingly vivid, many guests

on thursday i participated in a training held for the workers of vasatokka
it was in finnish, it was very difficult to get the point
but i was amazed by the professionalism of the coach
the whole training was very informal though

on friday there was a lecture held about a research on youth in barents region (the northern nowhere)
that was very hard, i could not understand a single word
basically the point is that despite there is nothing to do apparently, there are a lot to, and people do want to come back

afternoon night there was rajarock festival in the sports hall
teenager bands from the region were playing, from murmansk as well
the style was eclectic, from girl's choir to brutal-killer gutting metalpunk
needless to say, all the equipment and sounding would be happily welcomed by any semi-professional hungarian musician

afterwards (after 10 pm) i went offroad cycling
in the evening the obligatory sunset gazing (speaking funny finnglish with the kids)

saturday i had some office work to do
in the evening sauna with the documentarist-journalist Tommi,  who is a regular guest in vasatokka
and unbelieveble twilights

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