Monday, 27 June 2016

23-27 june

24-25th june is juhannusaatto and juhannuspäivä
midsummer night and day
important holiday for finnish
there are two major activities they do usually

they go their remote cottage and enjoy nature/sauna/food/family/silence

or drink

in both cases a huge bonfire is essential

i went to rovaniemi (the capital of lapland where santa claus lives, 300 kms to south from vasatokka) where i couchsurfed with an iraqui guy
interesting experience, he was very kind and hospitable, however fairly busy with ramadan

10 minutes walk from citycenter

on friday night it rained ruefully

i fell in love with the bike ali lent me

i wanted to hitchhike back on sunday
in 4.5 hours i get ahead 40 kms, bugs chopped me
the season of the beast called black fly is starting, they are much more deadly than innocent mosquitos. they look like small black flies and bite small bits off the skin. can easily go under clothing
i turned back to rovaniemi
this is the second time i swear i never hitchike again in lapland on sunday

a clumsy footage from saturday

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